In the meantime, we will observe the situation carefully and follow the appropriate guidelines and advice. As soon as we feel we are in a position to resume classes, we will announce our new schedule nationwide!


We have decided to create a 28-Day Dance Yourself Fit Challenge that will get you started during the temporary postponement!


This Online Course Will Include...
  • New Dances - Waltz, Rumba, Paso Doble
  • Weekly Breakdown Of New Steps
  • ​Weekly High Cardio Dance Workouts
  • ​Bonus Live Stream Dances
  • ​Personal Training Sessions
  • ​Weekly Stretch & Mobility Class
  • ​28 Day Meal Planner
  • ​Weekly Goal Setting
  • Daily Motivation Pep Talks
  • ​New Dance Yourself Fit APP
  • ​Connects Fit Bit & Apple Watch
  • ​Connects With Whitings Smart Scales
  • ​Track Step Count & Calories Burned
  • ​Set Daily Goals, Reminders & Schedules
  • ​Save Your Favourite Workouts
  • ​Closed Facebook Community

OPTION 1. 28-Day Challenge

Our next 28-Day Challenge will commence on Monday, the 29th of June! Join our waiting list below and we will notify you as soon as we open bookings for the next challenge!

OPTION 2. Full Term Classes

If you would like to enroll in a full-term class, join the waiting list below and we will notify you as soon as we have a confirmed class schedule in your location.

Click on your preferred location from the list below to pay for next term & get 28-Day Challenge for FREE!


JOIN OUR WAITING LIST if you don't see your location above and we will notify you as soon as we open classes in or around your area

Click to watch our video testimonials!


Feedback Received About The 28-Day Challenge!

"Niall's morning chats are extremely motivational!"

"This group is really amazing, the response I get from them is phenomenal, everybody is so supportive!"

"I'm gonna keep doing it for life. I absolutely 100% recommend it to everybody"

Lisa D., 28-Day Challenge

"Anyone who is thinking about signing up...don't even hesitate!"

"I am feeling more full of life, full of energy, walking more than I have ever walked!"

"Everybody is unbelievable, working so hard and getting amazing results!"

Jane O., 28-Day Challenge

"It has been an incredible journey from start to finish!"

"I've fallen over, I've laughed so much, I've sweated buckets!"

"When I though I had nothing more to give, you pushed me on to the end!"

Catherine J., 28-Day Challenge

"You have been a lifesaver!"

"You are very inspirational, especially your morning gets me going!"

"I genuinely feel that you truly care which is the biggest thing for me..."

"I feel like I belong to a big family now!"

Mary K., 28-Day Challenge

"This has been an amazing roller-coaster 28 days!"

"Your videos in the morning are so inspirational, they keep me going!"

"I love the dances...the JIVE is my all-time favorite!"

"It's fantastic, It's been brilliant, I just can't sing praises enough!"

Maria P., 28-Day Challenge

"...I absolutely love your enthusiasm, have a great sense of humor."

"For the past month during the lockdown, if it hadn't been for your videos, it is just unbelievable how it can change your mindset... so good for my mental health."

"I really look forward to get stuck into a session and have a laugh!"

Aoife L., 28-Day Challenge

"I am dancing in the kitchen! My family around me are so happy because I'm smiling & dancing!"

"I really enjoy the exercises, the dances, the music!""

Judit R., 28-Day Challenge

"I have just been enthralled by this Challenge! I have always loved to dance!"

"It has given me something to hop out of bed for in the morning!"

"I absolutely love Niall's and Michelle's sessions!"

Mairead H., 28-Day Challenge

"What have i gained from this? motivation, enthusiasm, strength, goals, connections, support!"

"What I take away from this is physical health, mental health, feel good factor...a fantastic feeling having gone out there and done your workouts..."

Kathleen M., 28-Day Challenge

"Niall has been an inspiration. Really enjoyed the morning motivation talks."

"Got me out of bed, got me to do my walks!"

"Great to get up to have something to do with someone to motivate you and to have goals!"

Siobhan M., 28-Day Challenge

"It was fun and motivating!"

"Done a great job in promoting the lifestyle for health and well-being!"

"You're energy is very addictive."

Ella K., 28-Day Challenge

"It was a truly amazing experience to me. I recharge myself everyday with energy and enthusiasm."

"I started the 28 day challenge, now I wake up with a smile everyday."

"You are real professionals, I can't wait to start a new 28 day challenge!"

Tania G., 28-Day Challenge

"It is a wonderful experience to be able to do something like this. I love your humour Niall - you are my Mr. Motivator!"

"I just want to thank you so much for these classes online!"

"I love the range of dances, including the Waltz, Paso Doble and the Rhumba!"

Pauline H., 28-Day Challenge

"Niall and the team have been an inspiration to do this 28-Day Challenge!"

" what you could, as best as you could. Never give up!"

Gabrielle W., 28-Day Challenge

"From the talks, to the dancing, to the fun, all the support you will's just amazing!"

"Don't take my word for it! Get on board and join!"

Laura B., 28-Day Challenge

Click to watch our video testimonials!

Marie S.
"I would recommend anyone to try it, the teachers are professional and friendly, great atmosphere in the class and the venue is great. You will learn a new skill while having fun 💃🏻🎶🎉"
Bernie D.
"i had a great night i really enjoy it so much and looking forward to next week and the teacher is great as well he really made us relax and enjoy the class thanks"
Deirdre M.
"Started last night in the Newgrange Hotel. Great instruction, good for all levels of fitness. Delighted with shared video and cardio workout in addition to class for during the week. looking forward to next week. Having fun and getting fitter .... one dance step at a time !"
Melanie R.
"Katerina is a fab teacher. Very clear and patient with the class and has a great sense of humour 😁 If you are looking for a fun way to do some light exercise and learn to dance then you should sign up."
Siobhan Q.
"Love love this dance class, makes all the difference when you have a great dance teacher. Thanks Carla for your patience and fun class :)"
Debbie M.
"loved it really enjoyed the class it's fun and motivating really great way of geting fit while learning to dance, great teacher too. can't wait for next wk!"
Catherine P.
"first time at this Dance fit class and I really enjoyed the class looking forward to next week to learn more dance steps have recommended the class to other people"
Michelle E.
"This was such a fun class ! Fantastic dance teacher who broke the steps down so well they were easy to follow. Left the class buzzing and can’t wait for next week"
Natasha C.
"It is a great way to get fit and have fun and meet new people, fantastic energy and a feeling good factor after the classes. Would recommend highly for everyone to join. For body, mind, and soul."
Joan M.
"Really enjoyed dance fit class with Niall. I have no dancing experience but glad I joined,it's fun, great exercise & way to work up a sweat .. I hope to see improvement in both my moves and fitness ..I will be practicing for our next class ..cha cha cha 💃💪🏃"
Louise M.
"Look forward to my class each week! Love the dances we’re learning plus it’s a workout that’s enjoyable! ... 💃🏼def recommend"
Lisa O.
"Absolutely loved the class, even though i have two left feet! Great and fun class which was highly motivational and Niall is great teacher too! looking forward to next week already :-)🤪😂🤩"
Niam F.
"Fun hour. Highly motivational and great teacher. I like that you can set your own pace etc. I'm looking forward to the next few weeks to learn more and find my rhythm. Bring on the music"
Karen W.
"I love the classes - it's a great way of learning new dances and getting fit at the same time!!"
Esther C.
"Its a great class with a wonderful and kind dance teacher and a great way to get fit can't wait for next week"
Linda H.
"Fantastic class for all fitness levels and have great fun along the way with opportunity to practice and work out at home. Love 💗 the classes"
Q. How long will each term last?
All terms are eight weeks unless otherwise stated. 


Q. When are the fees paid and by what payment method? 
Fees must be paid before your term starts. You can pay online via the BOOK NOW option or you can RESERVE A SPACE and pay the fee in cash at the venue on the first night of the term. Unfortunately, we cannot accept cheques.


Q. Can I attend one class to see if I like it and then join? 
Term fees are due in full before entering a class. If you do not wish to continue at the end of the first class, you will be refunded the balance of your fee. Please note that refunds can only be claimed on the first night you attend class.


Q. Can I pay as I go?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. We provide full-term classes only. We are unable to make arrangements for pay as you go style classes at this point. Please note that if you do not wish to continue at the end of the first class, you will be refunded the balance of your fee. 


Q. I have a medical condition. Can I still join?
Please note that we are unable to give medical advice or advise anyone with any medical condition or injury to use our program. It would be best to get approval from your healthcare provider as they will know your situation best and will be able to give you the best advice. 


Q. Are there any discounts? 
No, there are no discounts. 


Q. I will miss 2 classes as I will be away. Can I just pay for the classes I will attend?
We require payment of the full term price regardless of what week you commence your term and whether or not you can attend all classes. This is to ensure that we remain fair to those who paid the full term but were not able to attend a class for whatever reason.

Please note that upon payment of the term fee, we will give you access to our private membership website containing our online weekly dance tutorial videos, enabling you to review the dance steps being taught at any time. So even if you do miss a class or two, you won’t miss out. 


Q. What kind of class is Strictly Dance Fit?
If you are looking to build up a sweat and burn off some excess calories, then this class is for you! It will be the most fun you will ever have while exercising and at the same time, you will learn the skill of dance! Strictly Dance Fit has all the grace and elegance from the Ballroom as well as the fire and speed of the Latin American dances. The two styles mixed together make the perfect combination for a dynamic high-calorie burning work out that tones every muscle in the body! Dress the way you would go to the gym and don’t forget to bring a towel and bottle of water! No partner required.

The class structure is all about enjoyment and not taking things too seriously, having a laugh in a fun and relaxed environment that is for all ages (17 years old & up) and levels, beginner to advanced. This is your opportunity to take a spin on the dance floor and learn famous dances such as the Cha Cha, Jive, Samba and much more!


Q. Is there an age limit for the classes? 
No, we think dancing can benefit everyone! However, this is an adults-only class, and we can accommodate attendees who are 17 years old and above.


Q. Will I need a partner to attend my course? 
There is no partner work involved for Strictly Dance Fit classes. You learn the steps and dance them individually. 


Q. What clothes/shoes should I wear and what do I need for the class? 
The Strictly Dance Fit class is high energy and you most definitely will build up a sweat. Nice and comfortable clothing that allows you to stretch and move freely is recommended. Runners on your feet are good and don’t forget to bring a towel and bottle of water!


Q. Do men attend the classes?
Yes, and the dance teacher for your class may turn out to be a man too, if that helps!


Q. I haven't done any exercise in years. Would this be high-energy or leisure-paced?
Each class is high energy. However, everyone can go at their own pace to suit their own fitness level. 

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